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Exotic Dance, Women's Sexuality, Inspiration & Relationship Resources

exotic and pole dance resources

Night clubs with Stripper Poles
Guide to Buying a Stripper/Dancer Pole
International Pole Dancing Resources
The PDC Free Online Pole Dance Syllabus

Exotic Dance Resources

Looking for an informal night club to
practice your pole dancing?

Is there a club that you;d like to see on this list? let me know. Email Us or call 510-465-7607

last update 9/27/11

  1. Asia SF 201 9th St San Francisco, CA (415) 255-2742
  2. Brunos 2389 Mission Street San Francisco, CA (415) 643-5200
  3. Sutra 443 Broadway, San Francisco, CA (415) 788-0228
  4. Divas Nightclub and Bar 1081 Post St San Francisco, CA (415) 474-3482
  5. The Holy Cow 1535 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA (415) 621-6087
  6. Sip Bar & Lounge 787 Broadway, San Francisco, CA (415) 699-6545
  7. Lucky 13 2140 Market St. San Francisco CA (415) 487-1313
  8. Kozy Kar 1548 Polk St. San Francisco CA (415) 346-5699)
  9. Rebel Bar 1760 Market St. San Francisco CA (415) 431-4202
  10. Power Exchange 220 Jones St. San Francisco CA (415) 487-9944


Want to Buy a Dancer / Stripper Pole?

Check out our comprehensive Slinky Guide to Buying a Pole. This guide answers all of your questions about whcih pole to buy, what your ceiling requirements are, what surface and size to buy etc...

Women's Sexuality & Relationship Resources

Bay Area Resources for Body, Sexuality & Relationship

These are women and men that I have some personal connection to that offer extraordinary services in the area of sexuality.


Featured Resource

HAI Global, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, was created in 2009 to continue the mission of, and expand upon the educational programs of, the work of the Human Awareness Institute (HAI).

Since 1968, HAI has offered experiential workshops and other programs on communication, intimate relationships, and human sexuality. Our entry-level workshops, titled “Love Is a Miracle,” and “Pathways to Intimacy,” provide a profound transformational experience of love and connection.

Tens of thousands of people have participated in a HAI workshop over the last 40 years. Until now, the primary focus of HAI has been to produce our Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality (LIS) workshops. We plan to continue to grow the LIS workshops, as we add additional workshop venues, and significantly increase the number and variety of workshops we offer worldwide.

As a nonprofit organization, HAI Global will reach out to more people in more places around the world than was previously possible. We invite you to learn more about our work and help to support us financially, to help fulfill our mission:

The Human Awareness Institute (HAI) empowers individuals to be potent, loving, contributing human beings. HAI promotes personal growth and social evolution by replacing ignorance and fear with awareness and love. HAI aims to create a world where people live together in dignity, respect, understanding, trust, kindness, compassion, reverence, honesty and love. HAI is committed to creating a world where everyone wins.


For over 25 years, Michele has been helping people come alive to their sexuality and joy of life with Reichian Therapy

Fulfilling sex is a vital human need and the basis of a healthy, motivated and passionate life. We will help you discover what you really want and how< to get it. Experience the freedom to explore your fantasies and live your life fully. Start your journey now!

Are you touching & being touched the way you want?
Are you giving and receiving to your fullest, emotionally and sexually?
Working with me is not just about problems that need to be fixed: it’s about growth and moving towards what you want in relationship, what your heart desires..