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...if you really want to dance like a pro, skip Crunch Fitness and the larger studios, and go straight to a real live stripper (even a retired one) to show you how it’s done

The Curve Magazine
by Catherine Plato 2008

Catherine does a masterful job of managing the energy in the room, and creating a safe, non-competitive and joyful space for every woman to get (re)acquainted with her juiciness. It is a joyful and beautiful experience which I highly recommend to any woman of any age, shape, size or sexual orientation. -

Claudia Six, PhD Clinical Sexologist

Catherine brings the most amazing sense of connection, respect and playfulness to her work, and transformational to learn her techniques. Your inner (and outer!) goddess will be happy to connect with Catherine Rose. As an innovator in her field, I highly recommend the offerings that Catherine provides through her company Slinky Productions.

Deborah Mistry


Catherine gives me and the women she teaches permission (which is hard to come by in our society) access to that playful feminine sensual side. For me, her classes are much more than learning how to dance a certain way, it's deep work about reassessing how I perceive myself. This translates into all areas of my life and has been incredibly helpful. The other thing that I Love about Catherine's workshops is that they are just really fun. What better way to do transformational work than to laugh, play and feel good. I highly recommend Catherine's workshops.

Laura C, Face Reality Skin Care

I have taken one class from Slinky Productions and attended one event and both were phenomenal. The class was introductory lap-dancing for couples. My husband and I went together, which was a great move, romantically speaking. My husband is a card-carrying Shy Person, but soon he was up and teasing me with his adorable self and has since busted out moves spontaneously around the house. I didn't think any class could do that! -

Jamie K

Completely professional, well organized, playful but thorough instruction; an awesome intro to a whole new world of dance!

Christabel Zamor, Hoop Girl


Pole Classes Oakland


If you wanna feel sexy go to one of Catherine Rose's classes. You leave her classes with more confidence and a feeling of power and control. The intro to pole class is great because it's all broken down for you and everyone is there to learn. she promotes a very comfortable, non-judge mental class setting so all the students feel safe. I can't wait to back to the pole.

Liz P, ~ Yoga Instructor, dancer


Catherine makes you feel comfortable and confident. She's an enjoyable instructor, creates a fun environment and has lots of techniques to share. My girlfriends all enjoyed the courses- we had a great time with Catherine and each other. If you're looking for a way to bond with your girlfriends (or for a bachelorette party) look no further- Catherine's got what you're looking for!

Heather S.

just took the Intro. Pole Dancing Class and, once again, was absolutely blown away at how safe, fun, entertaining and educational it was. Catherine made something that seemed totally out of reach (pole dancing?!!) actually doable by breaking it down into small moves that everyone in the class was able to accomplish. By the end of the class, we had completed an entire routine! It was fantastic!

I also took the Introduction to Exotic Dance class several years ago and, being someone who was not very confident about her sexuality or body, I felt so supported in expressing my sensuality and sexiness in a way I never had before.

Catherine's passion for her work, her incredible ability to create a safe space, and her delightfully playful and self-possessed personality make this class a must for any woman. It is incredibly inspiring to see the students, who often walk in feeling insecure or unsure about their bodies, spinning and moving confidently and with a smile on their faces and a twinkle in their eyes by the end of the class!
Thank you, Catherine! You are the best!

Erin Ross Life Coach


Catherine makes you feel very comfortable and welcome, even when you're sitting in a room with 9 other women that you don't know. All my classmates were very supportive. The best part was that all the women ranged in age, body type, and reason for being there, yet everyone seemed to have a great time. So we went through traveling (sexy walking I guess), hip gyrations, booty shows, and floor shows, and it was a lot to digest, but you get a lot of time to practice. We got to perform in buddy pairs, which was really scary, but good practice. At the end, Catherine did a pole dance that was simply A M A Z I N G.
She is so warm and kind and non-judgmental, that you forget you have absolutely no idea what you're doing."


Catherine's classes and longer workshops are carefully crafted. Her instruction is patient and complete. She opens up women and invites them to enjoy themselves in incredibly exciting ways. November 26, 2008

Miel Steele

Best of the Bay GUardian 2007

Catherine is a fun and creative dance professional with years of study in her craft. I especially enjoyed her hosting a bachelorette party I hosted back in February 2008 which al the girls enjoyed. I will definitely use her services again in the near future.

Shellie Gordon

I want to say how much I enjoyed the lapdancing class. It was a treat to learn from a teacher who knows her material so well, and was able to make us all feel safe and at ease in this edgy frontier. You make a great contribution to the world by helping women explore, discover, and claim their feminine, sensual side. Thank you so much


If you have ever wanted to experience or learn more about exotic dance- don't look any further! Stop here. I drove 3 hours and would do it again. I loved Catherine's energy and the creation of a dance floor routine...It was more than I expected. Time flew by!

Shaunna Floyd

That was truly an incredible lapdance class! I was so surprised at how much natural ability I already have and by how much was possible that I didn't even know! I gained a whole new way to connect, to flow, to move ... I feel elated!


Here is a true story for you. Lately my partner and I have been having challenges in our relationship and so of course that shows up in our sex life. Well, after the lapdance class I asked if I could give him a lap dance, for my own practice. Not realizing it, but 'doing it for me' took all the pressure off of him. Well, I did my dance and we had the best sex we have had in months! I seduced the unseducable man. It was amazing, feeling him enjoy me, there was a physical language we were speaking to each other, it was so beautiful! Thank you


Catherine creates an environment of safety, fun and eroticism that invites embracing sexuality and playfulness. She gently encourages stepping through one's inhibitions and breaking free to the succulent woman inside.



Best of the Bay Guardian

Whether single or in partnership with someone, with pleasure I encourage women to take Erotic Dance classes from Catherine. Her ability to make everyone in the class feel safe to explore their fullest potential is with and in the spirit of grace and honor. She has an uncanny intrinsic gift of humor which brings fun, laughter, excitement and ease to her classes, embraced by her respect for boundaries in and for each student. Most importantly, having taken classes from other people, Catherine is highly trained and experienced as an instructor in preparing a class structure so your time investment is not wasted.



I have walked away with more than just very clear and concise lessons to practice at home, at my age of 46, I have unlocked aspects of myself otherwise untapped by conventional dance and thought. Returning for more training from Catherine in this delightful, powerful and sensual art of dance made my second lesson even more fulfilling. As a woman, finding this special place in my spirit has enhanced parts of my feminine wile like nothing ever learned or experienced before. Don't hesitate to say "yes" to attend any class Catherine Rose has to offer. Words can not described the worth Catherine's classes have given to awaken my personal power, joy and sensuality.

Denise Evangelista


Catherine's class is wonderful. She made sure that all of us felt comfortable. It was liberating, sexy and fun! I am planning to take it again soon.



Catherine is the best teacher ever. I could not have come even this far without... I really mean that. I have never even been able to feel comfortable for even a second with any other kind of dance class. I do with her and with this style of dance.

Dana F


Catherine creates a safe, wonderful space to discover the joy and ease of movement! I came away from this workshop realizing I DO know how to dance, from inside me. I gained a body sense of sensuality as natural, innate, and pleasurable. I feel inspired to play and express myself through movement!


I've been taking classes with Slinky for over a year now, and I love it.  I've taken almost every class that is offered at least once, and it never gets boring.  Both Catherine and Sara are great teachers who are fun to work with.  They are both very patient and more than willing to give individual help as needed.  There are some moves that I still struggle with, but I never feel like I'm failing.  The classes are very low stress and there's no pressure or competitiveness involved. I initially started taking pole dancing classes to get in shape in a fun way.  What I ended up with, though, is much more than that.  I am much more self-confident and outgoing because I feel much sexier in general--both physically and mentally.  I've discovered that exotic dancing just makes me happy, and the Slinky classes have been instrumental in getting me to feel that way.  I highly recommend taking them!

Janine C.

Catherine Rose

How many of us live in our heads and forget about being in our bodies? For me, Erotic Dancing has been a journey towards improving my level of consciousness and awareness of my body as an incredible communication instrument, and a way for me to be conscious with every fiber of my being -- rather than just with my brain.  The classes I have attended with Catherine have been tremendously enjoyable: challenging, revealing, and relaxing. In the first lesson it was all I could do to relearn how to walk! The lessons learned in Erotic Dancing are transferable into everyday life: As a result of attending I feel more at ease with my self - I'm more confident moving, walking, dancing, being...and relish any opportunity to get up and dance - by myself, with others, for others. In her classes, Catherine explores how to express grace, sensuality and humor. I would recommend her class to anyone who wants to get more in touch with their physical and sexual self

anonymous participant & private student


Just wanted to drop you a note. All your wonderful instruction has paid off. I auditioned for the Condor about a two months ago and have been working there ever since. I love it, love it love it. I wanted to thank both of you for giving me the skills needed to do something I had always dreamed about doing Just for info. I give out your web site all the time to women who want to do learn this great gift. See you soon.

Theresa C.

Catherine set the stage by explaining some of the history of the area we toured, helping to introduce us to each club, and guided us to a place of comfort once inside, She graciously helped us (a lovely mix of ages, orientations, sizes, and backgrounds) to feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. And then to have planned a wonderful restaurant dinner at the conclusion of our tour, along with our special surprise--all added up to a fabulous evening of sensual, healthy, healing fun.



I signed up for 2 private pole dance lessons with Catherine..I'm older, not in the best shape and not a size 2...Catherine made me feel so comfortable she took me through the routine at my pace I felt my "sexy" come out...I went home and showed my husband of 18 years the routine; he was so excited I can't wait to take the 2nd lesson!

Deborah N.

This is not strip-aerobics! If you want to get into that fake bullshit, rent a Carmen Electra video and have at it. Catherine will teach you the real moves, and no they aren't easy. But, if done correctly, will cause quite a stir. Your chosen audience may say things like:

"Wow. That was fucking amazing!"
"You look so good when you do _____ and _____."
"When can I have another lap dance?"
"How is it that every woman doesn't take this class?"

Catherine is the real deal. A former exotic dancer with wonderful insight to this world. After having a bad experience at the S Factor, I contacted Catherine about a workshop class. I took the intro to exotic dance workshop, and did I learn some stuff! I followed up with the floor show/lap dance combo class a few weeks later. I should have started my exotic dance journey here. I can't say enough good things about Slinky. Every woman should have this experience! I haven't been on the gentleman's club tour, but I am planning to go when the next one comes around. Then a trip to Ruby Dolls to get all of my dance "clothes". Or should I call them "costumes"?]

kiki G

Pole Studio Oakland

My boyfriend and I had taken Catherine's Lap Dance class for couples on Valentine's Day two years ago and had a terrific time! The couples Naughty Tour of North Beach was super fun even with the rain! The shopping was sweet and the meal was excellent! I really value Catherine's insight and good natured playfulness in leading all of us through the night's entertainment!

Cat and Greg


We took the couples lap dance class. It was a total blast. Learned some great moves in a very comfortable and safe environment. Worth every penny.


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Per Lapdance Class:

That was truly an incredible class! I was so surprised at how much natural ability I already have and by how much was possible that I didn't even know! I gained a whole new way to connect, to flow, to move ... I feel elated!

I learned a new erotic language that has given me power, confidence, joy and amped up my playfulness while toning my abs and thighs and opening a new layer of inner beauty to the world
Thank you Catherine.

Adrianna R


What a fun!!!!!!

Very friendly instructors will show you how to and what to do step by step.
I was always interested in pole dancing and this dance studio made me feel like it was so right for me to start pole dancing!

If you are curious even a little bit, you should try!!
Don't hesitate.


I decided to hold a pole dancing party for my best friend's birthday, though my girls would do this on a whim without a special occasion :) Our instructor, Catherine Rose, definitely made the occasion oh so special. She gave us a sizzling class, complete with us learning three spins, some floor work, and plenty of self-touching. At the end she performed an incredible solo for us and we were hooting and hollering like men in prison. How sizzling was this class? One of the girls, who shall not be named, exclaimed: "I knew this was going to get me hot/ so I'm glad I masturbated at home before coming." :O

And unlike S-Factor, which doesn't allow alcohol during the class, Catherine allows white/clear alcohol (helpful in, ah, lubricating the girls). The studio is clean and has a changing room which we used as a bar, and platform heels are provided. However, if a lot of girls in your group have smallish feet, like 5.5 - 6.5, you might need to bring your own pair because most of the shoes were size 7 and up. A stripper with no teeth = HAAWT.

So, for an arousing good time, call Slinky Productions. Catherine's sweet and patient, not cocky, and she erects the poles. There's no dicking around when you're sliding up and down on a hard one and stiff drinks abound. We're going back soon!

Maple L


I just took the Intro to Exotic Dance class, and I loved it! My abs and upper body are sore right now, but in a good, "I just had a really great work out" kinda way.

Catherine makes you feel very comfortable and welcome, even when you're sitting in a room with 10 other women that you don't know. It should have been very awkward and weird to be touching myself and grinding in front of total strangers, but it was really fun and all my classmates were very supportive. The best part was that all the women ranged in age, body type, and reason for being there, yet everyone seemed to have a great time.

So we went through traveling (sexy walking I guess), hip gyrations, booty shows, and floor shows, and it was a lot to digest, but you get a lot of time to practice. We got to perform in buddy pairs, which was really scary, but good practice. At the end, Catherine did a pole dance that was simply A M A Z I N G.

i'm absolutely going to do more classes with Catherine, as soon as I can afford them. She is so warm and kind and non-judgmental, that you forget you have absolutely no idea what you're doing.



Best of the Bay Guardian

This was a great experience. As my love commented afterward, "This was money well spent." He also said, "How does it feel making a man into mush?" Oh yes, I can get used to this!

I went to this class wanting to step more fully into my seductress and definitely got it. I was definitely nervous but felt comfortable with my classmates who were all different levels of comfortably, sexual openness, body types, and desires.

I had read on here that it's better to bring costumes, so I brought extras for everyone and we all had a great time! Definitely bring sexy shoes, sexy shorts, skirt and top! Don't be shy about this, you can always change throughout the class as you get more comfortable.
It's all about being sexy so take advantage of this opportunity!

I was also nervous because I'm not in the best shape right now, but all the moves were simple and easy enough that anyone could do them. However, there were definitely challenging moves and edgy material, but nothing I couldn't or wouldn't do.

If you want a fun class that will open you up to your sexiness and a good challenge to overcome ...don't think twice about taking one of Catherine Rose's many classes!

Misha P


I just took Slinky's 3-hour "How To Give a Mind-Blowing Lap Dance" class. I was very pleasantly surprised! Catherine is a terrific teacher who broke down individual moves so they were easy to grasp and replicate.
There were about 11 of us in the class, and we were able to partner up and practice on a wide variety of chairs. Catherine is spunky, funny, and clearly knows what she's doing - I felt like a was learning from a pro. I liked that Catherine's attitude wasn't condescending at all - she acted as though every woman in the class could take her new skills and start making money with them tomorrow if she so desired. That said, she is completely approachable and non-judgmental.

This was great value for the money - I will definitely take more Slinky classes!

Susan G

Slinky Productions is offering an incredible class. I had no prior experience with pole dancing, but was curious about the aspects of it for exercise and gymnastics. Along with that I gained an incredible amount of confidence in my body, and was impressed with our great instructor (Sara). The class was challenging yet doable, and Sara was patient and helpful in all ways.
Thank you so much, Slinky!!! I will be back!!!

Victoria L

What can one do with $123.00 for two afternoons on the first two days of summer? Prompted by boredom at work and general curiosity (and enthusiastic encouragement from male friends), I signed up for the weekend pole dancing class with Slinky.

Was that an experience. In two days I went from wrapping awkwardly around the pole to swinging 360 down it--- this has certainly been the most liberating exercise I have ever participated, bringing me strangely back to feeling like a child (must've been all the freedom to climb and spin). Now only if I could get a pole installed somewhere in my studio apartment...

Instructor Shivie was so sweet and friendly, guiding us patiently through every move, with a sexy, fiery attitude. What a great treat for myself. I highly recommend it to all you inquisitive minds out there.

Tiffany C


Took Catherine's Lap Dance Class on Sunday. I really enjoyed learning the the tricks and tips! It was super easy and FUN. So great that we got a chance to be active the whole time. This isn't a note-takin' class!! Fully integrated and allows you to practice from beginning to end!!

Loved Catherine's sense of witty & intelligent humor as well.

Kathleen S

I took the Exotic Dance Smorgasbord (Pole, Lap, Floor, and more!) from Catherine Rose at her SF location. From the get go, she was very friendly and very professional. She structured the class perfectly so that this extended class actually seemed to fly by. I'm not going to lie and say that it's not challenging - physically mostly, but socially, too. For those of us who are a wee bit shy, she creates a super "safe" space for us to feel comfortable and try something new.All the techniques that she taught were pretty awesome and I feel like with everything the class was a really great value.

See you in the floor dance class, most likely! That was by far the thing I most enjoyed and that I will get the most mileage out of.

See you all in the extended floor show class in Oakland.

Jane Ashley F


Catherine and the other instructors at Slinky manage to tailor the pace of each class according to the needs of the individual students.

I came to Slinky from a different studio that lacked the personal attention I needed to build confidence and did not focus on pole work as much as I was hoping. Slinky's instructors are so much more approachable and provide a very inviting atmosphere to learn in.

Slinky offers a range of exotic classes as well as more intensive labs that focus on particular technical aspects. So it doesn't matter what your body type or level of experience is, there is something for everyone!

I give Slinky 2 very enthusiastic Spiked Heels Up!!!

Ambere S

This is how I decided to spend my birthday. Another year and another new talent, right? I've always had dreams of being a sexy vixen stripper with mad pole skills. This was the best sex-positive-girls-night-out I've ever had!

Me and my girls had a good time dressing for the occasion. You gotta dress the part and get into character to really get that sexy vixen thing on.

The instructor Catherine was awesome! Her technique was amazing and she truly helped us to learn the art form and show the pure athleticism of pole dancing. By the end of the evening she had us swinging, twirling, and mounting the pole with poise and beauty. Plus, she gave us some other non-pole sexy moves to use when there isn't a pole around! I highly recommend! Some day I will take her classes.

Porter H

was lucky enough to get private lessons from catherine and this is an insane workout! catherine is very spunky, warm and wonderful. i love that she had me do stretches before hand because it is pretty intense use of muscles. we ended up doing some pole work and how to climb. i thought there was no way i'd be able to get up there but catherine had me climbing like a monkey and learning all sorts of spins.

one thing to note: don't show up with lotions because otherwise, you end up all slippery and can't climb the pole. if you have sensitive skin, wear vinyl pants.

catherine makes everything look so slick and beautiful. i think i looked like an ungraceful elephant, but she made me feel as if i was doing a fine job and was very patient with me.

i'll be doing more lessons in the future! thanks catherine!

Ellen O


I love Slinky Productions. This is the best place to learn how to strip in the bay area. I love Catherine, she is energetic and fun. Can't wait to take my next class, which I think will be pole dancing.

Monica T


Lap dance classes

So say you are slinking about for something out of your comfort zone, this might be the ticket. When I thought about trying an intro pole dancing session, all my girlfriends bowed out, saying that it would be something they would do "after they lost weight." I went solo and found out that it really has nothing to do with the way you look. Catherine provides a safe environment for people to try stuff out, to fail off the proverbial monkey bars and get back up, and to see what the possibilities are. In these economic times it's easy to go to retail therapy or an expensive night out for a boost. The evening here was really a good use of money and that's what matters most for any service, "exotic" or "domestic. "

Lisa R

I have attended public/scheduled classes as well as a private group session with Catherine, and I think she is fantastic! She always makes sure that the group stretches properly, and makes the warm-up time a fun opener. Her expertise is unquestioned, and she breaks down the moves in ways that make it easy to see what you need to do. Best of all, she promotes a really body-positive vibe and makes everyone feel welcome and sexy.

Tiara S


Just had a bachelorette party with 13 people in the SF studio, Catherine did a great job giving us individual attention, and showed us some incredible moves. The part we all enjoyed was the demo at the end, which was fabulous! If anyone in the group was nervous at the beginning, Catherine created a really comfortable environment for everyone to just play with the moves and have fun. THANK YOU!

Vidya S

My husband and I took Catherine's Lap Dance for Couples class. WOW! It was so much fun! Catherine created a very comfortable, supportive environment in which I could explore a new way to get sexy with my sweetheart. She kept it so light and fun that I was able to really relax and get into it. I left with a sense of my own playful sexiness, and a secret skill to play with at home. I highly recommend it!

Cynthia B

Catherine expertly puts all at ease, tells some amusing dumb jokes and delivers on all she promises! She soon has both women and men participating, learning and confidently owning the fine art of the lap dance! This class has sparked and re-sparked love in many. I know first hand and I have seen it work its magic for others, this is hands-down the best way to spend Valentine's, an otherwise 'amateur-night-out' holiday. Sign up. You will not regret it!" - Karl B

I love the pole dancing class! Sara North is the perfect teacher in her own right. I know that Sara was once the star student for Catherine Rose (who, of course, is a dynamic and elegant pole/lap dance teacher in her own right) before she began teaching classes. Sara has made the perfect transition from student to teacher. I enjoyed Sara's class because she is so friendly. She makes pole dancing something that anyone can do no matter what the age (I'm 38 years old) or body type. I think Sara's supportive style made me shed my nervousness when I shed my clothes to do pole work.

Sara is also other person centered and cared less about getting praise for how good she is (and she is great on the pole herself) but more concerned with how the students look. I can easily see how she must have gotten a big fan base when she worked in the club circuit. Sara is relaxed, funny, and just plain down to earth. I would take her class again in a heart beat!

Madelien P


I just finished my third class with slinky productions! I have taken the 5-week pole intensive, the weekend pole class and now the lapdancing class. I would recommend any classes by catherine or sara to be informative, exciting, TONS of FUN, and all around magical experiences.

Any class at slinky productions is sure to empower you and build confidence. I originally signed up to take a pole class to "get my groove back" and BOY DID IT WORK. I'm already signed up for my fourth class coming up in November!

Eva I

This class was so much fun! I took a group there for my best friend's bachelorette party. Sara was our instructor and made what could possibly have been awkward into two hours of laughing fun. I would most definitely recommend Slinky to anyone looking into a class like this

Katie A


That was truly an incredible lapdance class! I was so surprised at how much natural ability I already have and by how much was possible that I didn't even know! I gained a whole new way to connect, to flow, to move ... I feel elated!


OK, I'm now a hooked exotic dance junkie! (Boyfriend is really happy). Catherine's classes are just too much fun to miss with too many applicable skills to bring home.

I learned Lap Dancing from Slinky Productions, Catherine Rose, last weekend. I brought a fun female friend with me (not a must, but a bonus). All the women practiced on each other, which felt safe, fun and sexy-sweet at the same time. From totally shy in the beginning to ......

Catherine did wonders with breaking down the pro-moves into simple steps that we practiced until we had a "routine." She gave us the primary "do's" and "don'ts"-- very helpful--how to work with partners of different sizes and many other tips. She clearly knows her material and how to present it in an exciting and sexy way. She also has a lovely personality.

The other women in the class were a lot of fun, adventurous and enjoyable to dance with. My friend and I had a blast and we've vowed to bring our partners to the June 27th Lap Dancing For Couples Class. (The guys can't contain themselves.)

Deborah D


What can I say.?. Awesome ! Awesome! Awesome!
About a year ago I took my first intro to "exotic dance" class and was hooked. I have since taken the "floorshow /lap-dance class" and all of the pole classes offered and even repeated some. It helped me to unleash my sexy confident sensual one. So much fun!
Great instructors with a relaxed supportive atmosphere!

Kimberly R


I just took the Intro to Exotic Dance class, and I loved it! My abs and upper body are sore right now, but in a good, "I just had a e-on-one or in a class setting. She makes it easy, comfortable and a really great work out" kinda way


I recently attended "How To Give A *Mind Blowing* Lap Dance" class with Catherine Rose and it was EXCELLENT! Catherine Rose is the consummate professional. This adventure was definitely out of my comfort zone and I was feeling apprehensive about attending but all for nothing. Catherine Rose is an outstanding Instructor, her humor and expertise put you right at ease making you feel welcome. She brings class to Lap Dancing and I feel fortunate to have viewed it through her eyes. If you are looking for an outstanding workout, a lot of fun, comradereship, and a surefire way to impress your significant other this is the place to come! I will definitely be taking more classes.

Deja V



I just took Catherine's "Ladies Lavish Lapdance Techniques" class in Oakland on Sunday, and it was awesome! I have to admit, even though I really wanted to take the class, I was scared to death for fear that it would be very awkward doing lapdance stuff in front of a group of women I didn't know. To an extent for me, yes it was a little scary, but for 98% of it, it was fun and I had a great time.

Catherine really makes you feel comfortable even though you may feel a bit awkward doing things like this with complete strangers. She is kind, encouraging and very non-judgmental towards every person in the class, who ranged in age, body type, and experience. The other women in the class were very supportive too and it was a nice atmosphere to learn in.

The material presented in the class was easy to follow and well put together - Catherine broke it down into short segments that anyone could follow. And the cheat sheets sent to the students after class are a lifesaver for those of us (like myself) who can't remember everything that was taught! :) We learned a fun and sexy routine that can be later expanded and molded to how the moment is going, as well as things like the booty show, eye candy movement, and different ways to engage the person you're giving the dance to. She's given us the basics upon which to build our confidence and abilities.

All in all, I can't wait to use what I've learned in class - and I am looking forward to taking more of Catherine's classes in the future and bringing my girlfriends along to share in the experience.

Janet H


Me and a bunch of church ladies took a pole dancing class as part of a Bachelorette Party at the Oakland studio. I can not tell you how funny it was. Aside from the constant hilarity Catherine takes a surprisingly professional approach and adjusted her training to our pace. We were giggling like school girls most of the time, trying to take seriously instructions like "demi-peak" and "say hi to the girls." You will definitely gain...."skills" to use for those intimate occasions. It is kind of a workout so you should definitely be comfortable and definitely bring high heels, if not, you are on your toes the entire time trying to do the moves. This was the highlight of our night, for the bachelorette party.

Kimberly H