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The Slinky Dancers Shopping Guide to:

Dancer ♥ Stripper Poles

Exotic & Pole Dancer Essentials
Highly Recommended Dancer Fitness Products
Pole Dancer Clothing from Amazon.com
Online Sexy Clothing / Stripper Shoes / Platform Boots
Bay Area Local Shopping for Slinky Wear
Exotic / Pole Dancer DVD'S
Books about Exotic Dancing
Movies about Strippers
Music Suggestions
Bachelorette Party Toys & Kits
Handy Shopping Guide: Bachelorette Parties

Exotic Dance Fitness, DVD's, Sexy Clothing, Books, Movies & Music

Essential Pole Dancer Products: Stripper / Dancer Pole and Mat

X Pole

Removable Poles
See my comprehensive Slinky Guide to Buying a Removable Stripper (Dancer) Pole.
Order one via Slinky Productions. (FAST SHIPPING)
(photo of the X-Pole)

Get yourself a nice crash mat for practicing inversions, and always have a spot to watch you until you are comfortable on your own. This one is a nice thick 5".





Live too far from Oakland CA to take lessons? Check out Studio Veena's online pole instruction. It is quite extensive and very well done.


Pole Dancer Fitness: Build Upper Body & Core Strength at Home

A must for anyone who needs more support with inversions. This simple over the door pull up bar is a fantastic way to not only build upper body strength, but to practice your pike inversion(upside down v-legs) so that you are more confident and graceful on the pole. I highly recommend this product for pole students of all levels.*****

Slinky Exotic Dance Clothing & Costumes from Amazon
Slinky Basics Slinky Hotstuff Slinky Costumes

Online Slinky Stripper Clothing / Platform Heels Shopping

Wicked Temptations Wicked Temptations has some of the sexiest costumes for a great price. I always get complimented when I wear their garb. Very cute slinky costumes for Burning Man too.





Discount Stripper Clothing and Shoes
Been referred to this site a few times- looks god to me!

Snaz75.com: cheap stripper platform shoes

Electriqueboutique.com: check out their sale pages. I buy from them a lot. Cheap shoes! They recently merged with JANTE.COM



Slinky Clothing Shopping in San Francisco

San Francisco

**Ross Dress for Less**- All locations

Nordstrom Rack for lingerie

Haight Street:

Buffalo Exchange, 1555 Haight St., (415) 431-7733

Crossroads Trading Co. 1519 Haight St., (415) 355-0555
(numerous locations) I always score great stuff here.

Villains: 1672 Haight St., (415) 626-5939; Villains Vault: 1653 Haight St., (415) 864-7727

Sugarpuss 248 Fillmore St. (at Haight), (415) 861-7877.

The Wasteland 1660 Haight St., (415) 863-3150.

* Piedmont Boutique*: 1452 Haight St., (415) 864-8075, If I had 2K I could spend it in 15 minutes at Piedmonts. Pricey costume wonderland.

** New York Apparel**: 1722 Haight St., (415) 751-8823. Go here for sexy leggings, rhinestone collars and cheap costumes.

Upper Fillmore

Lots of expensive shops here; Crossroads is previously worn, , so cheaper. The upper class neighbourhood helps brings in quality stuff too.

Crossroads Trading Co 1901 Fillmore St., (415) 775-8885



Contact me if you know of a great shop in the SF Bay Area not listed here.

Catherine and her shoes!

Civic Center

Foot Worship 1214 Sutter St., (415) 921-3668.
Felicia's, upstairs from Foot Worship

The Mission:

Foxy Lady  2644 Mission, S.F. 415-285-4980 (Large sizes available)

Mission Thrift Stores:

Community Thrift Store Valencia near 17th

Thrift Town 2101 Mission Street 415.861.1132

Nu2u2 2415 Mission Street 415.550.0115

Goodwill 2279 Mission Street 415.826.5759

Foxy 7 2336 Mission Street 415.282.6563

Mission Thrift Store 2330 Mission Street 415.821.9560

North Beach:

Alla Prima Fine Lingerie: European lingerie 1420 Grant Ave., (415) 397-4077.

Ruby Dolls on Grant. Find this place–it is amazing and the sale items are excellent. We take our tours of North Beach here.

South Bay

Magical Moments
136 E. Fremont Ave, Sunnyvale 408-733-1670

Ultimate Elegance
733 El Camino Real Redwood City, (650) 369-6913


How to Exotic Dance: Instructional DVD's and VHS Tapes
Live too far from Oakland CA to take private lessons in person? Check out Studio Veena's online pole instruction. It is quite extensive and very well done.   The Art of Exotic Dance teaches basic exotic dance in a classroom format with students. Laura Conrad, the teacher, is a former dancer.




Several dancers show you sequences of moves. I liked the first DVD better.


It's Felix Cane-World Champion Pole Dancer/Performer. She is a master-you can't go wrong.



Slinky Rating

Local dancer–good for the ultra nervous novice.

What I said about Felix Cane above...  
How to Erotic Dance Books for Pros and Amateurs from Amazon
Sheila Kelly has brought so much publicity to Pole Dancing. She combines sensual yoga with exotic moves.
*** 1/2
Same people who brought you the DVD. DVD'S
Books and Biographies by Exotic Dancers & Sex Workers from Amazon
Yours truly worked with Lily at the Lusty lady (now worker owned!) peepshow in San Francisco many moons ago. The first club I worked at in San Francisco in my very early 20's.  
.. ..  
.. ..  
.. ..  
I really enjoyed the humour and depth of this book. I hear it may become a movie to!      
Movies with EXOTIC DANCER Themes from Amazon

This is one of my favorite Stripper movies. Watch the documentary by Darryl Hannah on the DVD.

I am a fan of Atom Egoyen. This movie has tender customer/dancer relations.

Wonderful look at the history of Striptease. Humorous at times.
Slinky Music Sexy Dancing
Slinky Music Recommendations
Please check out my more personal Slinky Music Recommend-ations.
Bachelorette Party Toys and More from Good Vibes

Exotic Dance Fitness, DVD's, Sexy Clothing, Books, Movies & Music, Stripper Dancer Poles


Bachelorette Parties Handy Paraphernalia Shopping Guide

The above link takes you to the Good Vibes store with bachelorette party paraphernalia

Striptease Kit In A Box - Click to enlarge

Striptease Kit In A Box

Off With Your Head Vibrator Kit - Click to enlarge

Off With Your Head Vibrator Kit

Bachelorette Party Kit - Click to enlarge

Bachelorette Party Kit

Girls Nite In - Click to enlarge

Girls Nite In

G Marks The Spot Kit - Click to enlarge

G Marks The Spot Kit


more favorite toys

Pure Wand

We Vibe

Hitachi Magic Wand