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Catherine's Guide to Buying a Professional Removable Dancer AKA Stripper Pole

What pole surface should I get? | What thickness diameter?


L'il Mynx Platinum Stage

Removable, multi-piece.
Does not require permanent fixtures.
Static/rotating options on all poles except Sport Model. Bottom loading, erect and take down in minutes. Extensions available for higher ceilings and vaulted ceilings.

I highly recommend the basic X-Pert Chrome model. Great price, good surface, fits in your car trunk and spins.

Catherine does not recommend the sport model because of the foam adjuster rod cover. Get a Lil Mynx Stainless Steel Static if you want a cheaper static only pole. The stage is $$ but great if you want to pole dance outside or anywhere without ceilings.

Removable 1 piece, requires small ceiling mount. Static-only models and static/rotating models.
Installs easily under ceiling mount in seconds.

I am personally not that fond of powder coated poles as they are very grippy, sliding can cause painful friction. I used them when they first came out. Great for learning grip moves. Some people love them. These models are great if you want to put up a pole in under 5 seconds.

Static/rotating option on all removable poles.
Custom cut for your ceiling height. Add $60 for ceilings 10'1 - 11' Add $70 for ceilings 11'1-11'5
Bottom loading, erect and take down in minutes.
Add $20 for vaulted ceiling adapter.

The stage is $$ but great if you want to pole dance outside or anywhere without ceilings.

Sport Model (Chrome)


The Original Powder Coated Static-only
Red, Black or Pink
45mm or 50mm


Extreme 1- Piece Super Pole
(Stainless Steel)
45mm (+$20) or 50mm







X-Pert (Chrome)
40mm, 45mm or 50mm
Add extra for extensions up to 12'

$329.99 * Catherine thumbs up



The Original Stainless Steel
45mm or 50mm

$239 Catherine thumbs up



Extreme 1- Piece Super Pole
45mm (+$20) or 50mm





X-Pert (Titanium Gold)
45mm or 50mm




The Original Powder Coated Static/Rotator
45mm or 50mm




Extreme Super Pole Multi-Piece
(Stainless Steel) 45mm or 50mm





X-Pert (Stainless Steel)
45 or 50mm




The Original Stainless Steel Static/Rotator
45mm or 50mm

$289 Catherine thumbs up




X-Pert (Brass)
40mm or 45mm




[no brass poles]



Extreme Super Pole Multi-Piece (Brass)
45mm or 50mm




Free Standing X-Stage Standard
(Chrome)(Brass 45mm only +$100)
50mm or 45mm




Pole Diameter: 50mm or 45mm (2" or 1.75”) 
Stage Diameter: 1600mm (5’3”)
Overall Height: 3m (10’)
Stage Height: 320mm (12.5”)
Usable Pole: 2.65m (8’10”)

[no stages]


NEW Star Stand Alone v4.0

Pole Options
   Stainless Steel 45mm or 50mm
 *New Stainless 1.5" (38mm) 8 ft
One Piece Pole [+$75.00]
Brass 2.0inch(50mm) [+$100.00]
Brass 1.75inch(45mm) [+$100.00]
*New Brass 1.5" (38mm) 8 ft
One Piece Pole [+$125.00]

Surface Color
Translucent White [+$50.00]
Translucent White w/o Logo [+$125.00]
Black w/o Logo [+$100.00]







X-Stage Lite (Chrome)
50mm or 45mm
(Brass 45mm only +$100)

Pole Diameter: 50mm or 45mm (2" or 1.75”) 
Stage Diameter: 1600mm (5’3”)
Overall Height: 3m (10’)
Stage Height: 4
Usable Pole: 9’8”

$799.99 Catherine thumbs up




Catherine on X-Pert Pole
Catherine on X-Pert pole from X Pole


Lil Mynx Stainless Steel
Lil Mynx

hardware Lil Mynx
Ceiling Hardware

Ll Mynx Powder Coated
Lil Mynx Powder Coated (white no longer available)




Note: We are NOT a warehouse; you cannot come pick up a pole. We do not sell permanent poles that cannot be removed easily, but can make recommendations for them. To order call 510-465-7607

1-Piece PLatinum Stage
Platinum Stage 1-Piece

Multi-piece PLatinum Stage
Platinum Stage Multi-piece


Platinum Stage
Platinum Stage


ALERT ~ DO NOT BUY A CHEAP NOVELTY POLE ~ ( anything less than $189 new)
They are dangerous and not made for serious pole moves.

People often ask about that other pole for around $79-$149 bucks. I do not recommend it. You will not find a real dancer that uses them. Simply put, they are dangerous as construction is cheap. Please avoid unless you just need a pole to gyrate against for a photo shoot.

Here are some key questions/issues to read & consider:

What does totally removable mean? Will I have to drill into my floor or ceiling?

You will never have to drill into your floor. The L' il Mynx model requires you to drill a small and discreet looking piece of hardware into the joist of your ceiling. It looks like a planter hook. The X Pole / Platinum Stages are completely standalone and needs no drilling of anything into anywhere. The L' il Mynx has a multi piece model that does not require any drilling or ceiling mounts which I have never used so cannot comment on.

I want both a static (stationary) and spinning (option to rotate) pole.

Both companies offer a versatile rotating/static pole.

I am not sure if I want a static pole or one that also rotates (spins). Tell me more?

A pole with a rotator option has a locking mechanism that you can easily set/unset so that if you can use the pole both ways. If want the pole be free spinning (think merry go round) then you can set it to rotator mode. This is good for bringing motion to static gripping moves (typically advanced moves-think musical box) as well as increasing momentum for swinging moves. You can easily set the pole to be locked and not move, just like a street pole. Do you want this option? All companies sell rotator poles. For some people, the rotator is a nice option, and for others, you may never use it.

My ceiling is very tall (or very low). What options do I have?

The L' il Mynx standard pole is designed out of the box for ceilings 8-10' (they custom cut for lower ceilings as well as for higher ceilings)

The X Pole standard is designed (w/o extra extension) for ceilings 7-9'. Extensions are available up to 12'

The Platinum Stage will custom cut to fit your ceiling

All models can fit lower and higher ceilings up to a point:

The Lil Mynx pole can be custom cut for ceilings from 7-11 feet. For 11 , you will need to pay extra $$ shipping fees.

The L' il Mynx and X-Pole have a 1-2 foot variable for adjusting the height. This means you can use the regular L' il Mynx pole for a ceiling of 8 feet as well as 10 feet without needing anything except to twist out the extra extender. The X Pole has about a foot to play with.

The The X-Pole sells multiple extensions to make pole go up to 12 feet. You can order them at the same time you order your pole or down the line.

The biggest difference in these two poles is that the L' il Mynx uses a spring loaded mechanism in a smaller tube at the top of the pole, and if your ceiling is 9-10 feet, you will have 1-2 feet of unusable pole (unless you have L' il Mynx custom cut the main pole higher than standard (recommended for 11 foot poles) Your shipping will go up drastically. The X Pole is pretty much usable right up to the ceiling, within a foot or much less. Because it ships in pieces, shipping is standard ($40)

What surface should I buy? Powder Coated steel? Stainless Steel? Brass? Chrome?

Stainless Steel and Chrome: silver metals. Some find SS less slippery. I find chrome to be just fine. Keep it clean, use products.

Titanium Gold: pretty gold. Develops weird moisture spots in warm climates. Gold eventually rubs off. I wouldn't bother.

Brass: traditional pole surface and the grippiest. Costs more and is more maintenance to keep clean. Some love it.

Powder coated: pretty colors. The grippy surface is excellent for learning inverted and grip moves. For sliding down fast, it is horrible. You can get burn marks going fast. Some love it.

What size thickness should I get?

50mm: standard strip-club industry size. Working in a club? Get this one.

45mm: got petite hands? Like a good grip? This is an excellent choice for most people and is pole fitness industry standard

40mm: you want to do a lot of tricky inversions that require a lot of strength and have petite hands?

38mm: that is tiny-can;t tell you


I want to erect and take down the pole really fast (under 10 seconds) after initial set up //approx. 30 minutes.

Buy the Lil Mynx-this pole safely goes up and down in a a flash, The X-Pole requires more time. You must exercise caution to ensure the security of your pole for you and your ceiling with x-pole.

I want the pole to be in the same spot or the same house (with same ceiling height) and don't mind taking the time to put it up/take it down each time

Either pole is fine. The L' il Mynx has a small piece of hardware that stays in your ceiling. If you have more than 1 pole location, you will need to purchase more ceiling mounts. The X-Pole doe not require a ceiling mount.

I want to be able to easily transport the pole to different locations with different ceiling heights. I am comfortable using a stud finder and climbing a ladder on a regular basis.

Buy the X Pole or Platinum Stage pole.

I will mostly be alone when I set up/take down my pole

Buy the Lil Mynx or the X-Pert.

I want the pole to be less than 2" diameter. My hands are petite.

All companies make a smaller size now.

I don't mind taking 10-15 minutes to set up and take down my pole each time, I just want a great strong versatile (static/spinning) pole

Buy the X Pert or Platinum Stage Multi Piece.

I like the idea of storing a multiple piece pole in my car trunk.

Buy the X Pert or Platinum Stage Multi Piece.

I want an easy to set up pole that goes up in the same spot each time. I don't want to use a stud finder except for initial set up. I want anyone to be able to easily take it down. I don't mind storing an 8-10 foot pole behind my door or under my bed (or elsewhere)

Buy the Lil Mynx pole. Or mark your ceiling floor and use the others. The now standard floor loading models are easy to install.

I want things to be as easy as possible and don't need my pole to spin.

Buy the Lil Mynx static pole or the x-pole sport model

I do not want my pole to spin. A static pole is fine for my purposes.

Either pole is fine.

I live alone and need to put the pole up myself.

All poles. The L'il Mynx is the fastest

I want a 10'-11' foot pole and have a vaulted ceiling.

Buy the X-Pole or Platinum Stage Pole

I have a disposable income and want total freedom to travel with my pole.

Buy the X-Stage or the Platinum Stand Alone

I need to put up a pole where there is no ceiling or the ceiling is over 12'.

Buy the X-Stage or the Star Stand Alone

I need a permanent pole

Call our office 510-465-7607 10-7PM PST

To order a pole or for more info call 510-465-7607 10AM-7PM PST